Personal data:
Name: Drs. Ing. Geert Boeve
Nationality: Dutch
Aug. 1969 - Aug. 1975 Havo
Goois Lyceum, Bussum
Aug. 1975 - Sept. 1979 HTS navigation (Ships officer merchant navy)
Hogere Zeevaartschool Amsterdam
Sept. 1979 Certificate third officer
June 1982 Certificate second officer
Sept. 1982 General certificate radiotelephony
Sept. 1983 - April 1989 Computer Science (Drs.)
University of Amsterdam
7 - 24 November 1987 Study journey to Japan.
Made visits to various universities and companies like the University of Tokyo, FANUC, ETL, AIST, ICOT, MITI, NTT, NEC, NISSAN, Sharp and Kyoto University.
Recent technologies:

Java, JavaScript, C, C++, SQL, Unix scripting (sh etc.), MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Linux (Suse, Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu), Mac OS X, Windows, HTML, CSS, JSP, JSTL, Ajax, jQuery, jQTouch, DoJo, Struts, JBoss, Jetty, Tomcat, Servlets, JBoss Portal, GateIn portal, JSR168/286 portlets, Spring MVC, Apache webserver, Confluence Wiki, XHTML-MP, WURFL, PhoneGap, XML-RPC, SOAP, REST, Chrome, Apache, JBoss, J2EE, JNDI, EJB, JPA, XML, XSLT, XSL-FO, FOP, Jelly, JSON, JasperReports, POI, WebSphere, JavaMail, Velocity, iText, J2ME, JAX-WS, JAXB, BackBone.js, Angularjs, Spring, NetBeans, Eclipse, Ant, Maven, Subversion, Git/GitHup, CVS, Mantis, JIRA, Jenkins, Junit, Jasmine, Fitnesse,  Agile, Scrum,, jsoup, Navicat, pgAdmin,JavaFX, GraalVM, Spring Boot, MQTT, IntelliJ, Gradle

Oct. 1992 - Up till now As independent developer working with the name Boeve Automatisering.
K.v.K. 33241732 in Amsterdam.
May 2020 – Present Development of simple games based on JavaFX and GraalVM with the names CoronaKiller, VirusMaze and HappySwiper. Thanks to Java 14, JavaFX and GraalVM are this games available for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Mac OSX, Windows and Linux. For more information and free demos, see
November 2015 – Present Designing, setting up and developing a new robot website called RoboBuddy. Website can be found online as Website was created with Liferay Portal (Java) software and standard Java JSR 168/286 portlets. The site is located on a cloud server behind an Apache web server with Tomcat 7 and is connected to a MySQL database.
December 2021 – July 2022 Employed at IBM CIC in Groningen as interim Java specialist. Design and programming work on various applications of Rijkswaterstaat. E.g. Management application for managing the national water monitoring network called LMW-Next. And an application with the name Muxproxy for collecting and transmitting measurement data from various types of sensors. Programming work in Java and Javascript with the most important frameworks Spring Boot and Angular.
November 2017 – June 2019 Working at FCA Capital Netherlands in Lijnden as interim Java specialist. Various work performed on the new Sofico's Miles leasing and fleet management software. Programming in JavaScript and Java and a lot of work done with JasperReports for the document templates.
January 2017 – June 2017 Programming for ( from Almere. Coding of an interface application for NAO and Pepper robots. This application is written in Javascript and PHP and uses Laravel and React frameworks. Application runs on XAMP or MAMP with an Apache web server, PHP and MySQL.
May 2016 - June 2017 As Java full-stack developer at Delta Lloyd Amsterdam. Work in a scrum team on a web application for intermediaries for making tenders and requests for lifeinsurance and pensions. Programming in Java and Javascript with WebSphere, DWR, jQuery, SOAP, Jenkins, Maven etc. Also created a calculation tool written in Javascript with Angular.js for Delta Lloyd's customers to calculate their pension benefit. This tool is available on the Delta Lloyd website, see: dip-voorbeeldberekening.jsp.
July 2014 - October 2015 As Java programmer working at ECI 'The Book Club' in Houten. Development of software for reporting at the Commissariaat van de Media website of club prices of books offered by ECI. Furthermore, software created for the production of letters in PDF using the JasperReports library. Various business reports created with JasperReports and JasperServer. Large number of web crawlers made with the jsoup library for the collection of book reviews on various media and publishing sites (eg. De Volkskrant, The Bezige Bij, etc.). Tools etc. used: Oracle 11, jCatalog, Eclipse, Apache POI (Excel), jsoup, Jasper Server Jasper Studio, pgAdmin and SQL Developer.
May 2013 - October 2013 Development work performed at ING Beleggingen (Investments) in Amsterdam. Development work was carried out in Scrum teams on the ING website for investments. The website is a single page web application largely written in JavaScript and Java utilizing a large number of frameworks and tools. In this assignment I had experience including Scrum, Agile, Spring, Jenkins, JavaScript BackBone.js, Angularjs, Git, Maven, JIRA, Jetty, REST, SOAP, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, LESS, JSON, JUnit, Jasmine, Fitnesse, Trinidon CMS, Clarity, Chrome, Firefox, MS Explorer. We worked on Ubuntu Linux systems.
March 2013 Via Randstad Professionals front-end / back-end developments carried out at the International Institute of Social History, an Institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Work consisted of building an extension of the reservation's system for archival documents. Software development in JavaScript and Java. Furthermore, use is made of PostgreSQL Spring, Spring MVC, HTML5, CSS, JSON, JSONP, REST, jQuery, Jetty, JSP, simpleCart, Maven, JIRA, Confluence Wiki, Githup and NetBeans.
August 2011 - Dec. 2012 Development activities for ZorgGemak B.V. from Leiden. Construction of a middleware layer between the kernel with medical OpenEHR data stored in a standard EHR archetype format and different client applications. These client applications can be mobile app's such or web based applications. The Middleware running on a Linux (Debian) server in a Tomcat web server with an Apache front-end. The software is written with Javascript, Java and the Spring MVC framework. Tools used Maven, Jenkins (Hudson), GitHup, JIRA, NetBeans.
January 2009 - December 2019 Maintenance and extensions created to the AmstelTrade system of Amstel Securities (see below). Added screens and software for handling of option transactions. Added software to handle automatically the daily MiFID rapport's to the financial authorities like AFM and FSA. Ajax technology with the DoJo toolkit added to a number of webpages for improved user interaction. Pages added on bases of the GateIn Portal of JBoss. (See also below March 2004).
January 2011 - March 2011 Development of an iPhone app based on the PhoneGap technology. This app is an front-end client for the web-based Mantis issue and bug tracker. With PhoneGap it is possible to create native apps with HTML(5), JavaScript and CSS for mobile systems like iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm and Symbian. This app can be found in de iTunes App Store with the name MantisClient. For the development is also made use of jQuery, jQTouch and JSON. The communication between the app and the Mantis server is done by the Mantis SOAP interface.
The Android version is in development.
January 2009 Emeal/PizzaOnline taken over by This company is taking care of further maintenance and development.
May 2008 - January 2009 Maintenance and updates to the Emeal/PizzaOnline website. Maintenance and small updates to the AmstelTrade system of Amstel Securities (see below).
January 2008 - April 2008 Made a mobile (WAP 2.0) version of the Emeal/PizzaOnline website with domain name
This sub version of the Emeal website is suitable for smart phones, pda, Apple iPhone etc.
WAP 2.0 uses as markup XHTML-MP.
May 2007 - December 2007 For Amstel Securities the AmstelTrade system (see below) extended and made suitable to conform to the European MiFID rules.
Part of this extension are daily MiFID reports send the AFM (Authoriteit Financiële Markten) en FSA (Financial Services Authority).
This reports are xml files daily automatically uploaded by the AmstelTrade system by sftp to this financial authorities.
December 2006 - April 2007 Via Atos Origin (and InfoMotion) working at the Delta Lloyd in Amsterdam.
Did some work on a Confluence wiki application used at the department 'Asset Management'. The wiki was used as internal and external information and documentation system.
Created some new plugins in Java en made a new information structure for the internal wiki version.
Next to this work did programming work in Java at the pensions department.
Helped creating a web interface as part of the CUC (Centrale UPO Component) Manager for maintaining and checking of the print commands of UPO's (Uniform Pensioen Overzicht) to the central print department.
This web interface was based on the Spring library. Development at the Delta Lloyd was done with WebSphere tools.
April 2006 - November 2006 For Entrepreneur Consultancy B.V. in 's-Graveland changes and improvements made to there online entrepreneur test (
With this test a person can test if he or she is capable for the job as entrepreneur.
The test is written in Java with MySQL as database and Jboss as enterprise server.
Mar. 2006 - Mar. 2006 Work at Lost Boys B.V. in updating the "Extra Fris" website ( for a client of them.
Programming work in Java with struts and iBates as main libraries. Also using Eclipse and MS SQL server.
Mar. 2004 - December 2019 In cooperation with Vriesde IT from Amsterdam building a transaction system for Amstel Securities N.V. in Amsterdam.
This enterprise critical transaction system is used for handling and management of stock exchange transactions. The application is web-based and used worldwide by the various branches of Amstel Securities, like Amsterdam, London, Toronto, Zurich, Geneva, Singapore and Tokyo. The system has a connection to banks with SWIFT for the handling of the financial transactions. The application is further used the monthly consolidation and maintenance of the system.
The application is build on top of the JBoss J2EE Enterprise server and is using as data-store the MySQL database system. For the creation of the application are various open source libraries used like Struts, Jasperreports, poi and javamail. The production server is running SuSe Linux.
Dec. 2003 - Feb. 2004 Development of software for internal use by Boeve Automatisering. This java J2EE software is build on top of the JBoss Application server. For this development is used JBuilder, jsp, xml, xsl, Struts, Ant, Tomcat, Velocity and various other open source libraries.
The following systems are build (or are still in development):
- An invoice management system (web application), it generates the invoices as pdf (by using xml, xsl-fo and fop). The system is for internal use with a connection to the Emeal system (see below) for the automatic generation on the monthly invoices.
- A portal for weblog (moblog) applications (still in development) to be used on the web, i-mode, wap and for PDA's.
Sept. 2001 - Nov. 2002 Working for Trinity Security B.V. in Mijdrecht. (
Software development for the Palm 505 in C. The Palm is used as userinterface for the MIES system. MIES is a navigation and information system used in cars (see
Palm version converted to Windows CE and Pocket PC.
Jan. 2001 - Sept. 2001 Development of software for PDA's with the Palm OS.
Software written in Java and C.
Febr. 2000 - Dec. 2000 Working as system/intranet programmer in Java and Perl at KPN VAS Amsterdam ( on a Solaris system
KPN VAS is taking care of the dedicated hosting for a great number of companies like NOS, Buhrmann, the ministries of economic affairs and foreign affairs etc. For support of the systemmanagement, project administration and calculation of the invoice data, build an intranet in serversite Java (servlet) on top of a MySQL database. Also created a few Perl scripts to perform systemmanagement tasks with data from the database.
Febr. 1999 - Dec.1999 Working as system/website programmer (mainly in Perl) at Internet Connect Centre Diemen on HP 9000 unix and Windows NT systems.
ICC is a webhosting company (see: for the top 10 Dutch companies like Dutch Railway, Albert Hein, KPMG etc. ICC is a daughter company of UUnet. Work was mainly on intranet software for system maintenance, project administration and invoice calculation.
Nov. 1998 - Up till now Further development of the PizzaOnline/Emeal website (see: for on-line ordering of pizza's and other meals. The software for this site is completely rewritten in server site Java (servlets).The Java software is via a JDBC interface connected to a MySQL database server. The site has a build in SET payment system in combination with software from InterPay B.V. (I-Pay). The server is a Linux (RedHat) system with an Apache webserver.
Sept. 1997 - Nov. 1998 Software development for IMIS B.V. in Lelystad. (
The Imis software is written in C and used in controlrooms. The software is displaying a map of the Netherlands on witch additional information can be displayed. The system can be connected to external systems with a serial link or TCP/IP connection and is running on Windows NT or Silicon Graphics O2 systems. Did work on applications for Securop, the controlrooms of RWS in Utrecht and Planken Wambuis (connecting IMIS system to camera systems of Philips). Also did work on the application for the Floating Car Data test project of RWS.
Jan. 1997 Development Macintosh software in C++ for 'newMetropolis' science and technology centre in Amsterdam (
Nov. 1995 - Up till now Setting up and maintaining an internet site (on a Linux system) with domain name ''.
Here you can find the following World Wide Web sites:
Information about Boeve Automatisering.
On-line pizza ordering by various pizza companies.
On-line meal ordering by various catering companies.
Information about the Easy*Disc products.
Nov. 1995 - Nov 1999 In co-operation with 'Regie Postma & Postma' from Amsterdam:
W3 ezine about domestic items.
This site is not existing anymore.
Motorsite for the 'Landelijk Overleg Orgaan Toerklubs' (LOOT) a Dutch union of 160 motorcycleclubs.
Shopping site around I-Pay. With various digishops like the Dierenvriend, NBAT etc.
This site is not existing anymore.
Earprotection articles.
A for the general public closed extranet used by the Rosenthal dealers to sell there superfluous or not to sell articles. This selling system is based an a anonymous auction system where dealers can bid on each other items.
The CGI software is written in Java and is using a mSQL database.
This site is not existing anymore.
These sites have a lot of cgi software written in C and Java. At the PizzaOnline, Neerland and OmniPlazA sites you can pay with the I-Pay system of Interpay B.V.
March 1993 - Aug. 1997 In co-operation with Invers B.V. in Den Haag (
development of PC (MS-DOS) software for the home (consumer) marked. This software collection with the name 'Easy*Disc' is being sold via magazine retail shop and via the well-known computer shops.
This software is written in C++.
Oct. 1992 - Feb. 1993 FROG Systems B.V., Utrecht (as freelancer)
Analyse and design of the statistics module of SuperFROG. Created a multimedia demo for maintenance and problem diagnosis of the FROG vehicles.
Jan. 1991 - Oct. 1992 FROG Systems B.V., Utrecht (
July 1987 - Dec. 1990 Industrial Contractors Holland B.V., Utrecht
Research on obstacle detection and avoiding for the FROG navigation system. FROG (Free Ranging on Grid) is a navigation and controlling system for automated vehicles (AGV systems). Design and development of an Apple Macintosh user interface for the supervisory system SuperFROG. Installing SuperFROG systems and FROG vehicles at several customer locations like at Apple Computer in Fremont. Customer support provided to various customers in the USA and Singapore. Training provided to various customers in the use of the FROG en SuperFROG systems, the training was both on-site as intern. Worked several times as stand crew on the Hannover Messe (Computer Faire). Design and development of an AppleTalk network interface for SuperFROG. System maintenance provided for Macintosh, UNIX and MS-DOS systems. Co-operated with the development of the navigation system for the unmanned container vehicles of ECT (Container Terminal) in Rotterdam. Made a complete redesign of the SuperFROG system and developed several major modules. Project management performed on the SuperFROG project. Did research on routing algorithms for unmanned vehicles as part of a Spin project. Given advise and support during sales activities with various customers as HP in Böblingen (Germany), HP in Singapore and Apple Computer in Cork. Various specifications written for several customers like HP in Singapore. Analyse and design of the transport control (job dispatcher) module of SuperFROG. Experience with UNIX (like Sun, HP, A/UX), Apple Macintosh and MS-DOS. Knowledge of the languages C, C++, Pascal, Basic and Fortran.
Sept. 1986 - June 1987 Rijnhaave Automatisering B.V., Leiden
Posted by:
Call Computer Services
Holland Data Groep, Amsterdam
Software development for option and stock market software, portfolio management, on-line price and ordering systems. Programming was performed in BASIC on MS-DOS computers.
Oct. 1982 - March 1983 First officer
Oct. 1982 - March 1983 Second officer
Sept. 1979 - June 1980 Aspirant officer
Smit Internationale, Zeesleep- en bergingsbedrijf B.V., Rotterdam.
Active as mate on board of various large and smaller ocean going tugs involved with towing and salvage work.
June 1977 - May 1978 Apprentice officer
Nedlloyd Lijnen B.V., Rotterdam.
Stage on board of a conventional freighter. Performing work on cargo, navigation and maintenance of the ship.