MantisClient iPhone App

If you are using the open-source MantisBT bugtracking system the MantisClient app gives you an iphone/ipad native view to your projects and issues.
Add your issues while on location or on the move, change/update existing issues.

MantisBT is a free web-based bugtracking system released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).
To use MantisClient you need a working installation of the MantisBT bugtracker on an internet connected server (see for more info about MantisBT
MantisClient connects to your MantisTB server via the build in soap xml interface.
If you configure MantisClient to be used with your MantisBT server make sure that the path (url) points to the correct soap path of the MantisBT installation.
This usually is /mantis/api/soap/mantisconnect.php.


  • iPhone/iPad native view of the MantisBT bugtracker.
  • Connect automatically to your Mantis server
  • See all your active projects and open issues.
  • Add new issues
  • Change existing issues
  • The access data is locally stored on the phone and only transmitted to your Mantis server.
    We can't access your data or your Mantis server.
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The current version of MantisClient is first of all a mobile version and not a complete replacement of the web-based MantisBT system.
Goal is to keep it as simple as possible to be used for quick reference and updates of the active issues.
Administration of the MantisBT server and projects should be done via the official web version.
It is also version 1.1 and has not (yet) build in all de functionalities possible with the mantis soap webservice.

MantisClient doesn't contain MantisBT code and is developed independent of MantisBT.