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CoronaKiller GameCoronaKiller the Game

Inspired by the classic arcade game from 1980, this game gives you a chance to kill the corona viruses. 

Avoid the cheerfully moving coronas in the maze, take the syringe with vaccine and kill as many as possible.


But don’t lose your masks by colliding in the corona’s if you don’t have a syringe.


CoronaKiller Game Screen 1CoronaKiller Game Screen 2CoronaKiller Game Screen 3


This game has unfortunately been rejected by Apple

and is therefore not available for Apple iPhone and iPad.

Apple AppStore

Reason rejection: game has reference to COVID-19.


An Android version with different name can be downloaded from the Play Store.



       Here you can download a free demo version of this game for Macintosh, Linux and Windows.


Apple OSX Version Linux VersionMS Windows Version


Click here for the user manual.